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Adam Frosh Finds Milk and Dairy Products Do Affect Mucus Production

Adam Frosh was the lead investigator on a recent randomised control trial (RCT) that was intended to answer the question: Does milk or dairy products worsen the production of mucus in people who have rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal lining, usually caused by allergy such as hayfever)?

The RCT was “blinded” so that the participants did not know at any point if they had dairy in their diets or not. And the findings were of great interest – there does appear to be an association with excess mucus production and milk/ dairy.

Mr Frosh is recommending further research, as this was the first study, and further studies are needed to confirm, but this is very interesting news.

For information on his paper and his presentation to the Triological Society, see here. For some press coverage, see here

ENT Research Fund

Mr Frosh has secured a significant research grant to establish an ENT research unit in Hertfordshire. The unit is equipped with a Nasal function laboratory, is run by a research team with two dedicated research nurses and is also supported by doctors in training and academic staff at the University of Hertfordshire.

The research fund has recently been used to contribute to a surgical skills simulator for ear surgery training, collaboration with the university on training modules for GPs, and is funding a number of research projects.

One current study that may be of real interest  is a study on the effects of milk and diary products on mucus production. This fits in with Mr Frosh’s interests in allergy and nasal and sinus function.

The Surgeon in the Kitchen

Adam front coverMr Frosh is passionate about getting things right – and an eye for detail.  This isn’t just in his surgery, but also as a host and an amateur chef.

Mr Frosh is publishing a book about the etiquette, the fine food and the conviviality involved in hosting an elegant dinner party – recipes and table displays included!

Have a sneak preview at his website  all about his love of fine food – the the taste, the display and the enjoyment with good company – it’s all on the “Surgeon in the Kitchen“.

Adam Frosh Leads Successful Fundraiser for Isabel Hospice

isabel hospice

Mr Frosh was shocked by the early death of his colleague and friend, Jeremy Sherman. He was also inspired by the care and devotion shown to Jeremy in his last days at the Isabel Hospice.

In Jeremy’s memory, Mr Frosh put on a family friendly show

‘The Journey of the Monkey King’ with the National Association of Martial and Performing Arts, at the

University of Hertfordshire.


The show raised thousands of pounds for a very worthy cause. More here.

Adam Frosh Chairs ENT Emergencies Study Day at University of Hertfordshire

university of hertfordshire logoMr Frosh is a regular speaker at local and international conferences.

Recently he organised and chaired a study day for Hertfordshire GPs on emergencies in Ear Nose and Throat Surgery. There was very good feedback for the day, which enabled GPs to be more confident in handling emergencies themselves and when to call for specialist help.

More details of the event are available here.

Adam Frosh has article published on ear discharge

Mr Frosh regularly has publications in the peer-reviewed medical press, including a number in the Lancet and the BMJ (British Medical Journal). A summary of some of his articles is to be found here.

This latest article was about a lady who had earache and a discharging ear caused by a rare condition that needed an unusual treatment. More information about ear infections, that can cause this discharge, is available here.

If you are bothered by ear ache or a discharging ear, this can usually be managed simply in the outpatients. If you would like to make a private appointment, please see the contact details here.

Adam Frosh Quoted in IOL Lifestyle on ‘Always Clearing Your Throat?’

Adam Frosh, Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, has been quoted by IOL Lifestyle on an article about people who constantly have to clear their throat.

The article is here.

There are many causes, and it needs to be investigated. Often it is a totally suitable condition.

If you are suffering from this very distressing problem, please don’t hesitate to either get your GP to refer to see him on the NHS, or you can see him privately (contact details here).