Migraine and Headaches

Mr Frosh runs a specialist headache and migraine assessment and treatment service in his private clinics. There are many different types of headache patterns and a variety of causes.

There is no single cause of headaches. A number of causes have been identified, which include tension-type headaches, migraine, sinusitis, cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, glaucoma, more serious causes such as increased pressure caused by brain tumours or other causes, and many other types.

It is important if your headaches are persistent that they are assessed. It is important to identify the diagnosis to develop the best management plan. Some headaches need to be referred urgently – see more information here. If in doubt, then see your doctor and get a referral if necessary.

Mr Frosh also offers Botox treatment for persistent migraine, with excellent results. This is not available usually on the NHS, and is only offered in a few centres around the country.