Adam Frosh Finds Milk and Dairy Products Do Affect Mucus Production

Adam Frosh was the lead investigator on a recent randomised control trial (RCT) that was intended to answer the question: Does milk or dairy products worsen the production of mucus in people who have rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal lining, usually caused by allergy such as hayfever)?

The RCT was “blinded” so that the participants did not know at any point if they had dairy in their diets or not. And the findings were of great interest – there does appear to be an association with excess mucus production and milk/ dairy.

Mr Frosh is recommending further research, as this was the first study, and further studies are needed to confirm, but this is very interesting news.

For information on his paper and his presentation to the Triological Society, see here. For some press coverage, see here