Nose Surgery

ENT Research Fund

Mr Frosh has secured a significant research grant to establish an ENT research unit in Hertfordshire. The unit is equipped with a Nasal function laboratory, is run by a research team with two dedicated research nurses and is also supported by doctors in training and academic staff at the University of Hertfordshire.

The research fund has recently been used to contribute to a surgical skills simulator for ear surgery training, collaboration with the university on training modules for GPs, and is funding a number of research projects.

One current study that may be of real interest  is a study on the effects of milk and diary products on mucus production. This fits in with Mr Frosh’s interests in allergy and nasal and sinus function.

Surgical Implant to Cure Breathing Problems and Snoring

As described today on Snoring News, a new operation is available to treat nasal collapse. You may not know you have it, but essentially if you have problems with nose breathing or snoring, you could be a sufferer.

Mr Frosh is one of the pioneers of the surgery, called a Functional Rhinoplasty, and is the Consultant Author of one of the main journal articles on this operation. It is only available in a number of centres in the UK. Read more about it here and here, and if you would like to book an appointment to see Mr Frosh to discuss this operation, his contact details are here.