Simple Outpatient Procedure Cures Majority of Patients with Vertigo

Mr Frosh is one of only a few doctors locally (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London) who are able to do the “Epley Manoeuvre” in patients with a form of Vertigo/ Dizziness known as “Benign Paroxysmal Positonal Vertigo” (BPPV).

This condition causes short episodes of vertigo (intense dizziness) when you move your head in certain directions. This can seriously interfere with the quality of sufferer’s lives and their ability to carry out day to day activities. More information about this condition is available here.

Mr Frosh has recently audited his results of using the Epley manoeuvre. Over 80% of patients are cured with just one treatment and even more are cured after a second treatment. This means patients will not have to take medication, but are simply cured and able to get the quality of their lives back.

If you believe you have this condition, you should be assessed to confirm the cause and to receive the appropriate treatment. You can ask to be referred on the NHS by your GP or contact Mr Frosh privately.

Botox Injections are Effective for Migraine

Mr Frosh has for some time been offering Botulinum Toxin A (Botox) for certain types of headache/ migraine. He has had remarkable success with this simple treatment. Unfortunately it is not available on the NHS yet, but is available in private clinics.

It is therefore excellent news that JAMA (A high level American Medical Journal) has recently published data that shows it has a positive effect for chronic daily headaches and chronic migraines.

It is good news that this information on its success in tackling this debilitating condition has been proved. A summary of the article is available here.

Further information about this minor procedure can be obtained from Mr Frosh directly. Contact details are here.

Surgical Implant to Cure Breathing Problems and Snoring

As described today on Snoring News, a new operation is available to treat nasal collapse. You may not know you have it, but essentially if you have problems with nose breathing or snoring, you could be a sufferer.

Mr Frosh is one of the pioneers of the surgery, called a Functional Rhinoplasty, and is the Consultant Author of one of the main journal articles on this operation. It is only available in a number of centres in the UK. Read more about it here and here, and if you would like to book an appointment to see Mr Frosh to discuss this operation, his contact details are here.

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